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In this article I would like to introduce the translation software OmegaT which makes my job much easier. It is one of the CAT tools (Computer-Aided Translation tools) that can identify the same or similar segments in the text and help to maintain consistent terminology. The translation software definitely doesn't do the job instead of me (it doesn’t provide machine translation!), but still it can save a lot of time.

 User-friendly interface

There are two main properties that I appreciate when using OmegaT. In the first place, it is its pleasant user interface with the text divided into sentences (or alternatively paragraphs). Thanks to it, it is always possible to fully concentrate on translation of each sentence/paragraph.

There are also formatting tags included in the translation. Even though they may seem a little distracting, they guarantee that the translation will have identical formatting as the initial text (such as bold font, spacing, bullets, numbering, tables, etc.).

Overview of translation software OmegaT

The greatest asset of CAT tools: translation memories

Even more useful are the translation memories that are automatically generated while working on translations. When translating a sentence that is similar to a sentence already contained in the text, the program will provide us with proposals of approximate translations ("fuzzy matches") in the right panel. Should we find the correspondence high enough, we can insert one of the "fuzzy matches" into the translation and then adjust it as appropriate. It is also possible to insert translation memories from previous projects to the current project.

Approximate translations ("fuzzy matches") in OmegaT

Other useful features

OmegaT supports all common formats MS Office, Open/Libre Office as well as XHTML and HTML, so it can be conveniently used for website localizations. Other functions of the translation software OmegaT include possibility to create glossaries of your own or integrate your specialized translation dictionaries.

Compatibility with other translation tools

OmegaT is a quality open-source tool that is to a great extent compatible with the most wide-spread CAT tools, such as SDL Trados, Wordfast or Déjà Vu. It generates translation memories in the standard international format TMX. In each project there are automatically generated TMX files of level 1 (containing unformatted text only) and level 2 (including formatting tags).

In most cases the translation memories generated by OmegaT can be easily used also in the translation tools as mentioned above. The TMX files of level 2 will maintain most of the formatting information.

TMX translation memories from other translation tools can be imported into OmegaT. But again, it must be taken into account that some of the formatting information may be lost. Using specialized tools, the TTX, TXML, XLIFF and SDXLIFF formats can be converted into TMX.






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